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Behind the Empanada

Somehow Luke was able to get through the show today while living with the fear of Taco Time closing. I was not affected by The Great Fast Food Strike 2013 since I’m in LA but all my thoughts are with the people of Seattle. If you are forced to prepare and eat your own food at home, I second Luke’s suggestion of watching Behind The Candelabra. It would be a crime if Matt Damon and Michael Douglas didn’t win Best Onscreen Couple at whatever awards MTV is doing these days. That being said, I haven’t been fully honest with you, Tens…


I almost posted about this prank yesterday, even though Luke and Andrew hadn’t yet discussed it. The brilliance of this prank is that the statement is so vague, yet it triggers so many emotions. It is both sad and hilarious, much like some of the new season of Arrested Development. (Sidenote: the Tony Wonder episode is amazing) But if you haven’t seen Nathan Fielder’s show, “Nathan For You,” you definitely should. It’s a strange and brilliant show where he gives real business owners terrible advice. I love it.

TBTL Song of the Day: “Inner Ninja” by Classified

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