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Punimpressive Showing

Sean and Rachel are back to report on their journey to the O. Henry Pun Off in Austin, TX. Sean got the category of photography and he really flickered out. Rachel got flowers and she wilted a few seconds in. The important thing is they had a lot of fun. After listening to the clips they brought back, the only thing worse than the puns these people put together is how loud the people in the audience are laughing.


Luckily we also have a genuinely funny person on the show, Jordan Peele of Key & Peele fame. If you haven’t watched the show you really should check it out. While punning is the lowest form of comedy, sketch is one of the hardest. Creating a truly funny sketch that has a beginning, middle and end is near impossible, (if you don’t believe me just watch half the sketches on SNL each week) but there’s not a single sketch from Key & Peele that hasn’t made me laugh out loud. Here’s a really simple one I love.

–Handsome Jake

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