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Say hello to summer

And give it a nice big hug for me! Jen is on the show to wage her war on pleasantries, and to tell us how we should be doing the Song of the Summer. I agree with her on both, but Andrew is in charge so we’ll do it his way. I do think Andrew is right that Macklemore is awful and if he ever comes on TBTL I’ll quit. (That’s what he said right?) It’s certainly not my favorite nomination, but we have two new submissions that I love.

“Closer” by Tegan and Sara is a very fun tune. Their latest album is so good that I think this might be one of the least catchy songs on it. My current favorite track off of Heartthrob is actually “Drove Me Wild,” but that’s not a single yet so I can get behind this one.

We also have “Diane Young” by Vampire Weekend, another great single off a great summer record. You could put either of these albums on at your BBQ and you wouldn’t have to skip a single track. Jen referred to this as an “indie submission,” but I’m not sure if this qualifies, since all the real hipsters burned their Vampire Weekend albums years ago. Either way I’m excited these songs are in the running and I look forward to hearing more nominations from you guys soon.

–Handsome Jake

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