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Stephen Tobolowsky: Baller

Luke’s conversation with actor Stephen Tobolowsky continues on this epispde and we also have a feature with Japan’s Number One Mixer, Sean DeTore. He visited Seattle’s Pinball Museum, which I can’t believe I never went to while living there. I’m a terrible pinball player (there’s a steep learning curve and a limited number of quarters I can afford to spend) but I still always loved Shorty’s and Add-A-Ball. If you haven’t been to either of those establishments definitely check them out. The latter of which has great games like Bubble Bobble and bizarre relics like Wacko. On one occasion I played Bubble Bobble with a sweaty stranger who asked me “are you a points man or a distance man?” If that doesn’t sell you on the place, I don’t know what will.


Our latest song of the summer nominee is “Queen” by Janelle Monae ft. Erykah Badu. If you want to listen to all the nominees so far just search for “TBTL Song of the Summer” on Spotify, listener Meg has put a playlist together.

–Handsome Jake

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