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What Rhymes With Social Lobotomy?

How much do we really need to know about the Cleveland kidnapping case? Luke and Andrew discuss how beneficial to society is it for media outlets to ruminate on the grizzly details of these types of crimes. I think we have gained some important knowledge from this case. Apparently neighbors complaining of women screaming and plastic bags over the windows are subtle warning signs that something sinister is afoot.

I probably would have skipped this part of the show if I wasn’t tasked with writing about it. I agree that these details do more harm than good and I prefer to know as little about these cases as possible. While I could have assumed they were sexually assaulted, I would have preferred to just not know anything about it.


Luckily there is some lighter news, a Christian metal singer* got arrested for trying to hire a hitman and Lauryn Hill released a new single that even Pras would be ashamed of. Enjoy.

TBTL Song of The Day: “Neurotic Society” by Lauryn Hill

My Song of the Day: “Was It A Crime?” by French Kicks (

-Handsome Jake

*I’m not particularly concerned with whether or not he prefers that label.

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