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There’s Always Money in the Banana Man

On today’s show, Luke and Andrew have a nuanced conversation about the significance of Jason Collins coming out as gay. But more importantly, a New Hampshire man discovered that a carnival game was rigged and so he decided to lose 2 and half G’s on it. Luckily he got a giant stuffed Rastafarian banana for his troubles.


Also a weatherman suffers from a mean case of hiccups during his forecast, which goes on for several minutes, prompting Luke to ask, “Why is the weather forecast several minutes long?” The answer is the same reason Jay Leno is still on the air, old people. Was it necessary for me to take yet another swipe at Jay Leno? No, but he’s known for confronting people on every little dig at him, so I’m hoping to get a call. I bet you can hear his denim through the phone.

TBTL Song of the Day: “Long December” by Counting Crows

My Song of the Day: “Runnin’ Around” by Rilo Kiley

–Handsome Jake

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