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Planes, Trains & Openly Gay Athletes

Luke announces today* that TBTL will be expanding into TBTL, TBTL2 and hopefully TBTL3: Foamercast, a train-centric show that I will co-host because I fricking love trains. I took one from Seattle to Portland for the Bridgetown Comedy Festival last year and I was in heaven. The existence of outlets alone makes it superior to flight!


I actually found out recently that, as a young man, my grandpa snuck onto a train headed to Washington so he could get a job pickin’ apples. (You’re gonna get some hop-ons). He got kicked off in Minnesota and met my grandmother shortly thereafter. So trains play a pivotal role in me being a person who exists.

Also on the show Luke talks to Mike Pesca about the first openly gay, male professional athlete in a team sport. As Mike tells us, the insane number of qualifications to this announcement make it no less amazing.

TBTL Song of the Day: “Livewire” by Mötley Crüe

My Song of the Day: “Train Song” by Ben Gibbard & Feist

–Handsome Jake

*not really

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