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Washington state has become a monarchy of the elites

King County Courthouse. (penjelly, Flickr)
LISTEN: Our State Has Become a Monarchy of the Elites

The word radicalism scares a lot of Conservatives. And I think that it should scare us. We only have to look at the radical things that the Obama administration put in place.

But we, as Conservatives and Libertarians, are going to have to get something back, which is part of our heritage, and that is the very concept of radicalism.

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When our system was framed, our founders took away every tool that had ever been used by tyrants. And there were tyrants all over the world.

The remarkable change in the United States was deeply libertarian and small “r” republican. But these things are being knocked down. Look at our own State of Washington. We have individuals who followed the rule of law to get an initiative on the ballot. Now our public defender refuses to defend the people and their initiative.

Decisions are now not made by the people, but by a monarch of elites. This flies in the face of the design of our founders. So we need to regain our radical heritage; constitutional radicalism. Our authority as “the people” is supposed to come through elected offices, but it has shuffled off into bureaucracies.

We have to get back on path and fight our counter revolution.

As always, please listen to the full audio clip for complete context.

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