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Like Warm Waffles

On this Thursday afternoon edition of TBTL we are joined by Jen who stops by to talk with Luke about Adam crossing over to the dark side of GIRLS, their love/hate relationship with Joffrey Baratheon, Nicki Minaj’s breakfast habits, and why America is fed up with Justin Timberlake.

While I love all the same shows as Luke I often differ in my opinions about them. I never found Adam likable and I have yet to see the most recent episode since my girlfriend’s mother changed her HBO GO password. And as Seattle comedian Brett Hamil says, “Watching GIRLS on your parents’ HBO GO account is the Inception of white privilege.”


I also found the SNL cameos this week quite enjoyable. That might just be because I’ve been reading Live From New York: An Uncensored History of Saturday Night Live. It’s a great book but it’s a little disturbing to read about the era of free love from guys who are now too old and overweight to play “Old Overweight Dad” in movies.

TBTL Song of the Day: “Game of Thrones Theme” by a cat

My Song of the Day: “Noises” by Throw Me The Statue

–Handsome Jake

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