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Don’t Leave Us!

Today’s episode is already being referred to by historians as the greatest episode of TBTL, largely due to the fact that I was on it. If this is your first time at the blog: Hello, that was a joke. I, like everyone involved in TBTL, possess a strong balance of vanity and self-hatred.

When I started doing this last week there was a split second where I was terrified of having to read the comments. Comments sections are traditionally filled with people from the lowest layer of hell. There’s all the other layers and then there’s Satan’s wine cellar and then below that is where they keep internet commenters.

The terror lasted only a moment, however, because I remembered that it was Tens I was dealing with. As we all know, Tens are the sweetest, most intelligent and best looking people on Earth. This fact was immediately verified when the comments began and they were all incredibly nice and supportive.


It is because you are so wonderful that Luke is apparently terrified of losing you. Today on the show Luke admits that he fears the show will go the way of Draw Something, meaning Andrew will be the only one left still interested. He also is afraid that the show is like The Onion (an incredibly successful and beloved website).

Listen to the show if you missed it. You can also catch Luke on CBS Sunday Morning here, and Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me here.

Tomorrow on the show we will have hilarious comedian Eddie Peptione. Here’s one of his best bits:


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