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Song of the Summer 2012: We Have A Winner!


After weeks and weeks of nominating songs, voting for winners, and arguing about the results, we finally have the official winners of the TBTL 2012 Song of the Summer contest. Congrats to our polish friends Muzyka Konca Lata who won the hearts of TBTL voters with their song “Dokad”.

Click here if you want to listen (and re-listen and re-listen) at their MySpace page. Even if you don’t know the words, it would be hard to find a more summer-sounding song.

Thanks, everyone, for voting. We had an impressive turnout at the polls this year. (Nope, that’s not a “Poles” joke.)

And don’t forget, you can listen to the top 40 SOTS nominations via a handy-dandy playlist here.

— Andrew


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