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Don’t Let Us Wake You

SleepPhones tbtl

Okay, kids, let’s just skip past the jokes about TBTL putting you to sleep. It’s an easy joke to make. I will probably tweet something about it later.

Jokes aside, I’m sure many of us do like to snuggle-up with our favorite podcast (or fifth-favorite podcast, as the case may be) when we go to bed at night. But falling asleep wearing ear buds can be uncomfortable and possibly unhealthy.*

Lucky for us, Brandon of the Kirkland Tens has been looking for solutions. He writes:

We all know what it’s like to lay on your side with ear buds in the ear. It can get rather painful. Since around episode 1, tbtl has been a night time ritual, but the ear buds had to go.

After some searching, I found a product that fits the bill: SleepPhones, Pajamas for your Ears (or, Ear Jammies). This is simply a headband with really flat speakers inside connected to a wire to plug into your play back device. I’ve attached a picture of us showing them off. I hope this can be of aid to the 10s x 100,000 who might be suffering from the same ear bud issue.

Thanks for the note, Brandon. And please, never listen to the show when you’re actually conscious. It’s better the way you do it.

–Producer Andrew


*I have no real evidence that falling asleep wearing ear buds is unhealthy. It just seems like something my mom would tell me not to do.

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