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A visual cheese tease on Monte' Cristo's Facebook page shows their Big Messy Madness, featuring Duck confit, Taleggio, Fontina, mozzarella, braised fall greens, lemon aioli, and Deluxe Foods gingered rhubarb jam. (Image courtesy Facebook - Monte Cristo)

New food truck bringing mobile melts, grilled cheese to Seattle

A new food truck will be taking to the streets in Seattle on Monday.

Monte Cristo, serving "Gourmet Grilled Cheese and Mobile Melts," will have their first stop at Starbucks headquarters in SoDo on Oct. 22.

This will be the first mobile venture for James Beard award-winning Northwest chef Danielle Custer.

She tells Let's Eat hosts Terry Jaymes and Providence Cicero she's learning quickly just what it takes to run a rolling restaurant.

"I'm dealing with generators and axle issues," says Custer. "It's not so much planning the food, but now you have a kitchen on wheels."

Confident the leveling system can hold all the kitchen gear in place, Custer sounds ready to start serving up the grilled cheese.

"It's such a wonderful comfort food," says Custer. "It's something that we all love and we have a connection to, and it tastes great in the summer. It tastes great in the winter. It tastes great all the time."

She says their offerings will start at $6.99, and everything on the menu will be under $10.

While they will offer a traditional grilled cheese, even that comes with a little flair.

"All the sandwiches come with a little something something that's not necessarily listed on the menu," says Custer. "Usually something with a little bit of good acidity to sort of help break through the richness of the cheese."

The classic grilled cheese will come with a side of blueberry au jus.

"For a little dunk," says Custer.

To find out where Monte Cristo will be stopping next check out their daily route at mobilemontecristo.com.

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