Terry Jaymes and Providence Cicero look at the Seattle dining scene
Let's Eat
Cold, hot, sit down or food truck: These are Let's Eat's favorite sandwiches. (AP Photo/File)

Let's Eat: Where to find the best sandwiches

Where can you get the best sandwiches around? Let's Eat host Terry Jaymes and Seattle Times restaurant critic Providence Cicero shared some of their favorites.

The fnblt

Zoe's meats bacon, soft boiled egg, arugula, roasted tomatoes and spicy aioli on toasted potato bread.
"Half the success of a sandwich has to do with the bread that it's on," commented Cicero on Jaymes' first favorite Seattle sandwich.
89 University Street, The Harbor Steps, Seattle

Dot's Delicatessen
Steak Sandwich

Top sirloin, grilled onions, arugula, provolone and aioli on an herb roll.
"It's absolutely perfect," said Jaymes. "In fact, every sandwich I've had there has been really, really good."
4262 Fremont Avenue North, Seattle

Caribbean Roast
Pork shoulder coated in Paseo Marinade & slow roasted 'til falling into succulent morsels. "The first time I had this sandwich, the juices were dripping down my arm. To me, that's an awesome sandwich," said Cicero.
In Fremont: 4225 Fremont Avenue North, Seattle
In Ballard: 6226 Seaview Avenue Northwest, Seattle

The Cheesemonger's Table
The French Onion

Gruyere & caramelized onions on whole grain peasant bread.
"It's like french onion soup, but without the soup," explained Cicero.
203 5th Avenue South, #1, Edmonds

Snout & Co.
Homemade Black Bean Burger

Veggie style black bean burger stuffed with beets, quinoa, and water chestnuts. Layered with arugula, Havarti and onion relish.
Seattle Cuban
Pressed sandwich with mojo pork, red onion relish, and chimichurri mango sauce.
"One of the better sandwiches I've ever had," said Jaymes.
Check here to find out where Snout & Co. is visiting near you.

Yeh Yeh's
Grilled Pork Sandwich

"It's a great, cheap lunch that I would definitely steer people to," said Cicero.
In Bellevue: 14339 Northeast 20th Street, Suite D
In Lynnwood: 19915 64th Avenue West, Suite 101

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