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Let's Eat: Red Mill Totem House location blends two classics

The newest Red Mill Burger location that sits at the location of an old landmark restaurant has evolved as a hybrid of two classic Seattle joints. (MyNorthwest.com/Linda Thomas)

The newest Red Mill Burger location that sits at the site of an old landmark restaurant in Ballard, just a short walk from the locks, has evolved as a hybrid of two classic Seattle joints.

The Red Mill Totem House is taking inspiration from its predecessor and is offering the dish that the old Totem House restaurant was known for, fish and chips, along with it's typical Red Mill Burger options.

So when you go to the new restaurant, do you go classic Red Mill burger, or Totem fish and chips?

Let's Eat host and Seattle Times restaurant reviewer Providence Cicero says while she definitely likes the fish and chips, for her, at Red Mill, it's still all about the burgers.

"To me, Red Mill means a burger," says Cicero, who lists her favorites as the Verde Burger and Bleu Cheese N'Bacon Burger.

"The thing you have to know at Red Mill is you've got to get bacon on whatever you get because their bacon is amazing."

On her most recent visit, Cicero says she saw a guy walking out chewing on a handful of bacon, no joke. She learned you can get it as a side to go.

She also says the onion rings are potentially the very best thing that Red Mill has on the menu, and if you like their onion rings, you'll probably also be a fan of their new fish and chips.

While the dish was inspired by the former restaurant occupying the building, Cicero says she's not sure how much this fish and chips resembles the famous original.

"I have never had the Totem House fish and chips, so I can't really compare them to before but I can tell you that I like them now. I love the tartar sauce with lots of dill pickle in it. The fries are great, nice and kind of meaty fries."

Cicero seems to see good things in both the fish and chips and burger options.

"I think it depends on if you're a burger person or a fish and chips person," says Cicero.

If you go, she says expect at least a short wait. Even though the staff is great and always busy keeping things looking and tasting great, it's just a popular place.

"I think justifiably so," says Cicero.

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