Terry Jaymes and Providence Cicero look at the Seattle dining scene
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Let's Eat: Best outdoor dining spots


When the weather gets nice, Northwest residents are eager to take advantage. This week on Let's Eat, host Terry Jaymes and Seattle Times restaurant reviewer Providence Cicero take a look at some of the best places to eat outside in the Puget Sound area.

Le Grand Bistro Americain in Kirkland:

For a lakeside view and French dining, Cicero recommends Le Grand Bistro Americain.

"They have a terrific pate, and they always have fresh oysters," says Cicero, recommending champagne or a martini to pair with your shellfish.

Bin on the Lake in Kirkland:

Just nearby is Bin on the Lake. Bin on the Lake offers patio dining and over 80 wines by the glass. "We'll even throw in a spectacular sunset- no extra charge," says their website.

Little Water Cantina on Eastlake:

Over on Lake Union, Cicero suggests checking out Little Water Cantina.

"The deck is amazing and it's got that view of Gasworks," says Cicero. "On a sunny day, it's just incredible."

Co-host Jaymes agrees it's a great spot, but warns diners to get there early because the deck has a tendency to fill up.

Ray's Boathouse in Ballard:

"Another great place to sit by the water is Ray's Boathouse," says Cicero. She says she brings many out-of- town guests to the Ballard eatery. "I just think they need to see that view."

Salumi in Pioneer Square:

Salumi's close proximity to a beautiful park got it a mention.

"I like to just go over to Salumi and get a sandwich. And then you walk across kind of catty corner where they've got the outdoor fountain park and my wife and I, we'll just go there and have our sandwiches outside. It's great," says Jaymes.

Anthony's Beach Cafe in Edmonds:

When asked to pick her very favorite place to dine outdoors, Cicero hesitated, but settled on one nearby where she lives.

"I live up in Edmonds, and one of my favorite's on a sunny summer day is Anthony's Beach Cafe. They have just a lovely patio, it's on the waterfront down in Edmonds."

Cicero says the scenery at Anthony's paired with a chop seafood salad is a really great combo.

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By JAMIE GRISWOLD, MyNorthwest.com Editor

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