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Notes on Friday’s Show

Whipped Cream

If you listened to Friday’s show, a couple of notes:

First of all, no refunds. Sorry.

Secondly, you might have heard Luke mention an interview with Herb Alpert from the public radio show Studio 360. I listened to the whole thing this weekend, and it’s really good. You can listen to it here.

Speaking of Herb Alpert, here’s that Carpenters video I am all gaga over, for some reason. (Stick with it; I swear it’s not just a slide show.)


This is Luke’s favorite Aerosmith song. As Steven Tyler might say, it’s F-I-N-E fine.


Here’s the best Aerosmith song to listen to if you need to drive around Ohio country roads in your minivan all afternoon (Don’t judge me. How did you spend your high school summers?)


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