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This isn’t the time to talk about gun laws?

A gun store employee demonstrates how a bumpstock works. . (AP Photo/Allen Breed, File)

This is not the time to talk about gun laws. At least, that’s what I keep hearing.

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So let’s not. Let’s talk about what we can do without the government.

The shooter in Las Vegas, who killed more than 50 people, by all accounts was an ordinary guy who got hold of automatic weapons – close to it, anyway. All over YouTube are videos where ordinary people can learn how to legally modify a legal military-type weapon so it can legally fire like a machine gun.

Maybe we can talk about how there’s not much difference between a jihadist website that preaches mass murder and a non-jihadist website that will instruct anyone on how to make the kind of weapon that could pull off a massacre like the one we saw in Las Vegas.

We could also talk about the large number of weapons the shooter had. I know one of CNN’s experts said it’s not that unusual.

“It’s just not that unusual. And I know that sounds kind of shocking, but it’s not that unusual to own 40, 50, or 60 guns if they’re a gun collector.”

But even so, if you’re a gun dealer, wouldn’t you want to know whether you’re selling a guy his first gun or his 42nd gun? We make bartenders stop serving a guy who’s drunk and they see that as their duty. Suppose gun sellers got together voluntarily to figure out a way to keep track as a public service. Private databases are easy to set up, no government interference necessary.

So there it is. I didn’t recommend a single law. We’ve come to see massacres like this as part of the weather. And there is no point in passing laws against weather. All you can do is prepare.

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