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Not anti-gun, but anti-mass shootings

I’m not anti-gun. It’s really pointless to stake the position that all guns should be banned. Beyond that, it’s silly. Guns do serve an important purpose and responsible gun owners are far-and-away the norm.

I am, however, anti-mass shooting. Passionately so.

I do believe it’s ludicrous for a civilian to possess the type of firepower that caused the unprecedented carnage the nation witnessed on Sunday night. There are several weapons you’re not allowed to have. I’m merely suggesting we make that list a little bit longer. How about no one is allowed to own a weapon that fires hundreds of rounds in minutes?

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The Second Amendment already has restrictions. But, not enough. Evidence? How about 59 dead, 527 injured, one shooter.

Some texters into my show, KIRO Nights, pointed out the rash of stabbings occurring in Europe over the past couple of years and asked, “Should we ban knives, too?”

If we start seeing headlines that a single stabber was able to successfully slaughter dozens of people in a matter of minutes, sure, I’ll start making a case for knife restrictions. Until then, it’s a rather rote point.

Knives serve other purposes. The only point to the weapon used in Las Vegas is mass casualties.

So, anyone want to join me in my anti-mass shooting movement? Everyone is welcome.

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