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Theory: Rex Tillerson never called Trump a ‘moron’

Maybe Rex Tillerson never called President Trump a "moron." Maybe he was just misheard, KIRO Radio's Dave Ross says. (File, Associated Press)

Earlier this week, it was reported that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson allegedly called President Trump a “moron” during a Pentagon meeting.

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The “moron” quote has now been officially denied by a spokesman for Secretary of State Tillerson, after being officially sort-of-denied by Tillerson himself.

But I do have a guess as to what may have happened.

The story was that this occurred during a meeting back in July on the new Afghanistan policy. The old Obama policy was to set a date for troops to leave because otherwise, we could be there forever.

But of course, the country fell apart, so the new policy is to go back in and stay in until the country is stable. In other words, we could be there forever.

Well, according to NBC, they were discussing this policy when the president launched into a story about Manhattan’s exclusive “21” club, which was losing business and had hired a very pricey consultant to suggest a fix. So the consultant studies the restaurant for a year, and finally says, “build a bigger kitchen” – that’s it!

Trump’s point was if they’d just consulted the waiters, they could have figured that out a lot sooner, and for free.

And in the same way, he’d been consulting with soldiers about Afghanistan, and thought it was time to listen to them for a change.

It was hearing the president compare Afghanistan to a restaurant remodel that prompted Tillerson to allegedly call President Trump a “moron,” which he now denies.

So what did happen? Perhaps Tillerson was so intrigued by the restaurant comparison he simply said, “I’d like to hear more on that! Mr. President.”

Or, he might have said, “Sir, you are more honest than anyone I know.”

That’s my exclusive by the way.

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