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GeekWire’s app of the week: Ink

If you haven't sent out your holiday cards yet, GeekWire's Todd and John have a great recommendation for this week's App of the Week: Ink. (iTunes)

If you haven’t sent out your holiday cards yet, GeekWire’s Todd Bishop and John Cook have a great recommendation for this week’s App of the Week.

Ink sends actual cards; holiday, birthday, announcements, or otherwise, straight from your phone.

“I did this this past week and it was awesome. It’s the second year I’ve done it,” Todd says.

It was easy for Todd because he has his entire list of contacts and addresses on his phone. He chose a photo of his daughter, typed out a short message to all of the relatives, hit a button, and paid the $50.

Each card is about $2.

While Todd is over the moon about how much easier Ink makes a very time consuming holiday task, John says he’d probably take the cheaper route and do a post-card style card.

He uses the Postagram app.

“The cool part about it is you can pull your existing photos from your phone, which makes it very easy to send,” John says.

He also noted the annoyed look from his wife when she heard Todd was already done sending holiday cards.

Todd says Ink is available on the iPhone and Android. Postagram is also available on both.

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