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Seattle’s Tacocat creates 13 tracks of pop perfection

Tacocat's music is catchy, hilarious, subversive, and smart. (Courtesy Hardly Art)

Their record was released in February but it might be the best album of the first half of 2014, and it’s the perfect soundtrack for the summertime.

Seattle natives Tacocat are not what you would call tortured artists, begrudgingly bringing forth their genius to a dismal and unappreciative world. Their music is catchy, hilarious, subversive, and smart. The four piece band, singer Emily, bassist Bree, drummer Lelah, and guitarist Eric all shared the same vision for the kind of sound since their inception four years ago.

Their newest album, NVM, is 13 tracks of pop perfection.

Lelah, Bree, and Emily stopped by KIRO Studios and Lelah summed up what kind of sound they wanted to have since they first got together and started playing:

“We always wanted to do party songs,” Lelah said. “We started out as just a basement party band. ”

Like all the best singers for all the best bands, Emily has no formal training. Her talents were discovered in the passenger seat of a Honda.

“When we were first playing music we were […] jamming together, and we were like, we need to find a singer and I was like, my friend Emily sings in the car and she’s so good, we have to have her sing in our band,” said Lelah.

One of the standout tracks on NVM is “Hey Girl”, which ridicules men who still believe catcalling is a viable way to win a woman’s affection. Which still happens, Emily said.

The album is available on Sub Pop subsidiary Hardly Art via iTunes, Amazon, CD, and most importantly, vinyl, which the band still sees as a viable format.

“I do think that people will always buy records, people just always want to buy the record, to have the thing,” they say.

Tacocat’s “NVM,” is thus far the best album of 2014.

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