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Obamacare numbers soaring again in Washington

LISTEN: Obamacare Numbers are Going Up Again in WA State

The Obamacare numbers are in and they are terrible. And the investment banks are running a long con. They get to keep their profits, but they can to dump their losses on the American taxpayer.

It’s a brilliant long con.

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Now they are going to Washington D.C. and saying they know how to fix the problem that they created.

And the rates in Washington state are going to go up 24 percent. Why? Because the choices of carriers are going to go down; the choices go down and the costs go up. Young people aren’t buying in to the Obamacare plans either. A lot of you people just choose to pay the fine.

So now you’re forced to have the “right of health care.”

Prices are going up and quality is going down. Weird how that works.

As always, please listen to the full audio clip for complete context.

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