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Random thoughts Ron had in the shower today

So I usually try to have a “hot take” on one topic that’s swirling in the news, but today I’m going to try something different. I was finding it difficult to land on just one thing. Here are some random thoughts I had in the shower.

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Do we have enough LimeBikes yet? It’s a freaking bike tsunami out there. Do me a favor and pay attention to the ratio of bikes you see parked and bikes with a rider on them. I’m seeing about one rider per 50 parked bikes; 98 percent of the time without a helmet on.

Which brings me to my second shower thought. Daylight savings time is about to end. This is my least favorite day of the year. On November 5, prepare for darkness at 4 p.m. Who’s driving a LimeBike in November? We’ll see. Maybe I should check the balance on my frequent flyer accounts? How much to fly to a sunny beach in December?

Speaking of calendars, is it me or should there be legislation to require that Christmas commercials can only begin after Halloween? I heard a spot about the “Holidays” and did a spit take with my coffee. Give me a second to catch my breath here guys. Can I just carve a pumpkin first?

This thought hit me between shampoo and conditioner: Donald Trump takes up too much of my time. That is all.

And now for a serious thought.

Why don’t men speak up when they suspect sexual assault? It seems like a lot of Hollywood leading men knew that Harvey Weinstein was preying on young actresses. What kept them from doing the right thing? If there was one man who had disproportionate control over my career, what would I do? I hope I would do the right thing, but it might be relatively easy to say to yourself, “Oh Harvey, he just makes passes all the time … He’s not a predator.”

In local news, should Chris Hansen just give up already? Dude really wants to build a basketball arena. I get it bro, you like the Sonics. But it sure seems like the city isn’t interested in your plan. On the one hand, I admire your persistence, but maybe it’s time to cut bait?

And finally, for the 36th year in a row, I did not win the MacArthur Genius Award of $650,000. Is there an application I need to fill out?

Does anyone have MacArthur’s phone number? Is there a semi-genius category that wins like $300,000?

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