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Building a Custom Home

Looking for a remodel while interests rates are still low? Pete recommends talking to Lou Lincoln from ACC Custom Homes. (Photo courtesy ACC Custom Homes)

SPONSORED – While interests rates are still low, you may be considering an addition or a gut rebuild or remodel. Lou Lincoln from ACC Custom Homes talks with Pete about how the process might be easier than you think.

The first thing to think about, Lou says, is whether the rebuild or remodel will recapture your initial investment into the home. “It all depends on a couple different things: location — do you want to stay there? Is it going to be worth your while to make an investment in your property? Can you see future turnover in your neighborhood? Or are you going to remodel yourself into the number one in the area and pull everyone else’s values up.”

He says you should ask yourself your potential construction setbacks. Can your septic handle an additional 1,000-square-foot extension? Are you zoned for such building? How about your heating system — can it heat another 1,000 square feet?

To find out the answers to your questions, you should first meet with a realtor, Pete says, to determine what you’re going to be doing for the value of the home and whether you can get financed.

Then, talk to an engineer or someone at ACC Custom Homes about setbacks like septic, heating or other contingencies.

Once the project has been financed and all contingencies have been accounted for, you can now proceed to the design stages. During the design stages, Lou says be careful what you pay for. He suggests consulting with a company like ACC Custom Homes that has contracts with suppliers to get what you want for a reasonable price.

To save even more money than low interest rates offer, Pete recommends working with ACC Custom Homes. By having more responsibility in your home remodel, Lou says it will save you labor. “If you’re writing the checks, that’s someone I don’t have to hire to do that,” he says. ACC Custom Homes offers you the unique ability to take on as much or as little as you want to truly make your custom home or remodel yours.

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