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Tonight On TBTL, We Make All The Other Shows Hate Us


Well would you like to smell fried, canned mackerel cooked in Cheez-Its at your desk all day on Friday? Cause that’s probably going to be the scent around KIRO-town after tonight’s Cooking With Sean segment. In honor of last week’s Drew McFrizz interviews (go listen to them right now if you haven’t), we thought it would be fun to have Sean cook up some prison cuisine or ‘Prisine’ for us. But this isn’t just the gruel they serve the inmates, this is a contraband-based, in-cell cooking kind of deal.


who wouldn’t want to eat something cooked in here?


– Canned mackerel
– Cheez-its (it’s not a good sign when they can’t call it ‘cheese’)
– some other stuff

We’ve already been warned by more than a few listeners that the station is going to stink to high heaven, but we’ve made a commitment to our listeners, and dammit, we’re not letting them down (plus, we already bought all the supplies).

We’re coming armed with a fan, and a bowl of white vinegar (listener suggestion), and a sh** load of Glade.

Tune in tonight to hear how it turns out.

— Luke Burbank

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