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Arborist not just for cutting, think of them for planting help

The weather is warming up and that means more people will be getting out in the yard for some pruning and planting, but before you get started, you may want to consult an expert.

Certified Arborist Anthony Moran, with Superior NW Tree and Shrub Care, says if you’re plotting your next moves around the yard, a consultation from an arborist could save you trouble down the road.

Trees come in a lot of shapes and sizes. Moran says an expert can help you with proper placement so the tree can grow to its full potential.

“Part of what we come in and do sometimes is say right tree, right place,” says Moran. “If we walk into a yard and someone has planted these nice beautiful Copper Beech beneath the power lines, we may suggest that the client move those trees because those around here are going to 80, 90 feet tall – well the wires are 36 – so unless I want to stub these things for the rest of their lives and make them look hideous, I don’t want that tree there.”

Having the arborist take the first whack at a tree is also wise he says.

“The best benefit is to get us out soon in a tree’s life because if you grow it up correctly it will be there good for the rest of its life,” says Moran. “You train it up correctly, the tree will be good forever.”

Moran says it’s important to check and see whether your arborist is certified. He suggests referencing the database at the International Society of Arboriculture, which can verify an arborist’s certification.

Listen to this week’s full episode of Home Matters to hear more tree tips from Anthony Moran.

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