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Top 25 websites for home projects

Home Matters hosts Pete and Rob always have great tips for your home improvement projects. This week they’re offering up a list of their favorite online resources to help you out. Here’s the top 25 websites they turn to. Listen to the podcast for their suggestions on how to use these websites to improve your next home project.

1. (furniture, fixture, countertops, cabinets)
2. (furniture, fixture, countertops, cabinets)
3. (furniture, fixture, countertops, cabinets)
4. (inexpensive background checked labor)
5. (home decor discount store)
6. (lighting)
7. (home furniture discount store)
9. (search 39 free home décor catalogs)
17. (discount home warehouse)
18. (classic american lighting & housing parts)
19. (discount countertops online)
20. (discount countertops online)
21. (everything sink & fixture – a lowes company)
22. (everything knob and pulls)
23. (affordable knob and pulls)
24. (great selection of knob and pulls)
25. (everyting deck related)

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