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Love thy neighbor? Forty-two percent involved in disputes

Getting along with neighbors isn't always easy.

Forty-two percent of Americans say they have had a dispute with a neighbor, according to a new survey by, a legal information website. Conversely, the survey found that the majority of people surveyed - 58 percent - say that they have never had a dispute with a neighbor.

Noise was the most common complaint between neighbors, accounting for nearly half of all disputes, followed by pets and animals, and children's behavior.

Eighty-six percent of people who had disputes said they took some kind of action, usually in the form of discussing the issue directly with the neighbor or sending them a note or email. Others elected to notify the appropriate authorities, such as the police or a neighborhood association

"Our survey found that most issues between neighbors are satisfactorily settled without the matter turning into a legal dispute," said Stephanie Rahlfs, an attorney and editor with "It's important for people to know what their rights are on issues such as boundaries, nuisances, animals and so on, as well as what legal and other resources are available that could help them."

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