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Why not just troll the Internet trolls?

During this week‘s hearings into those Russian-funded social media ads, Facebook’s lawyer seemed thoroughly apologetic.

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“The fact that foreign actors were able to use our platform is a deeply painful lesson for us.”

So Senator Al Franken asked if Facebook would just agree to stop accepting ads that were paid for using a suspicious foreign currency.

“Say with rubles or the the North Korean won.”

That turned out to be a surprisingly tough question.

“Answer yes or no. Can you do that?” Franken asked.

It was like one of those game shows where everyone knows the right answer except the contestant.

“It’s a signal we should have been alert to,” one lawyer finally admitted.

In Facebook’s defense, if you look at the actual ads the Russians bought, it’s like they were written by Boris Badenov. It’s annoying, but not the kind of thing that’s going to brainwash the electorate.

If that’s the kind of game they’re going to play, why can’t we just fight back ourselves? We have some great trolls right here in the U.S. — they are world class! Instead of those trolls prowling the Huffington Post making fun of “safe spaces,” they can learn a little Russian and start flooding Moscow with hit jobs on Putin. Photoshop some love handles on his shirtless torso. Spread rumors that he has tiny hands.

Screw up one of their elections. Just make sure your home has a really good security system.

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