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Jason Rantz


Why millennials prefer Marxism to Capitalism

Nurya Temam, center front, a 10th grade student at Northwest School, cheers with other students who walked out of classes as they protest the election of Donald Trump as president, Monday, Nov. 14, 2016, in Seattle. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

Recent articles have marveled at the fascination of today’s “Millennials” with socialism, but a new survey shows even more alarming disregard for the capitalist system behind America’s prosperity and power.

Polling data from YouGov showed 51 percent of Americans in their 20s would prefer to live in a country that was “Socialist” or “Communist”; only 42 percent chose to live under “Capitalism.” In other words, a majority of young people reject the land of liberty that produced them. An amazing 23 percent even classified the genocidal dictator Stalin as a “hero.”

This reflects the fact that Millennials have scant memory of the bad old days of Marxist tyranny: after all, they were 3 years old or younger when the Berlin Wall fell and the Soviet Empire collapsed.

That’s why high school and college history teachers must take time from their relentless attacks on America and its values and give appropriate attention to educating a new generation about the tens of millions of dead or suffering victims of Marxist/Socialist “experiments.”

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