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Shower thoughts: Post-Election Day edition

It’s a post-election day edition of shower thoughts.

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I, for one, am glad to see the growing number of women and people of color being elected. Can we agree that some fresh viewpoints might do us all some good? Especially after the integrity-nightmare of a mayor we just had. The good thing for Jenny Durkan is that she’s following a dumpster fire. The bar is set low. Hopefully, everyone will give her a chance.

More taxes

Congratulations on passing another tax levy. I guess? Do you care if it actually accomplishes anything? After spending about 30 seconds on the Google machine I found out that we’ve been passing affordable housing levies in this area since 1981. How’s that been working for us? Am I the only one who feels like the politicians in this town spend money like a pack of drunken college students? What did you do with the last hundred million dollars we gave you?

Can we pass a “Show me the results” levy?

The Donald in Japan

Imagine that you are a member of the Japanese council and the Trumps just came for a visit. You’ve spent your entire life in a society built on respect and protocol, and now the Donald shows up. I wonder what they are really thinking?

Ski season

Ski season could open this week. That’s good news for all the snowboarders and skiers out there. As part of my Ron 2.0 campaign, I’m jumping back on the slopes this year. Depending on how that goes, you’ll either find me on the chairlift or by the fire drinking a hot toddy.


I spend too much time thinking about assault rifles.

More Twitter

Today’s the day you double your Twitter limit. That’s right, you now get 280 characters instead of 140. The old school Tweeters are throwing a fit. Is it the constraint that made it cool? I imagine that everyone that was great at 140 will still be great, and the people who were terrible won’t improve with 280.

The Seattle warm up

Do something that makes yourself sightly uncomfortable. I asked a guy at the gym out to grab a bite to eat. That’s not something I would normally do, but he’s one of the new people that moved to Seattle from the East Coast. Thought I’d break the Seattle Freeze.

Try these podcasts

And finally, here’s some of my favorite recent podcast recommendations:

  • Mogul – A look at a hip-hop king that took his own life.
  • Where Should We Begin – Recording therapy sessions with couples, it’s the most intimate podcast I’ve ever listened to.
  • And More Perfect – A show about the Supreme Court. Start with the episode on 2nd Amendment. It’s great!

That’s it, I think I’m clean now.

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