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Thank you for helping Oso mudslide victims

Another pickup truck being loaded with supplies headed for Darrington. (Photo: Ed Russell)

Following the Oso mudslide, Ed Russell of Arlington opened his warehouse for all your donations.

He wrote in to thank all of you who donated to the victims:

First, I’d like to thank you all for generously donating to the Oso mudslide victims. As you know, our goal was to send needed items to the first responders, namely the loggers and construction crews that were first on the scene.

All who donated to that effort in the first few weeks made all the difference in the world to the families and the crews working on the rescue and then recovery. Within hours after asking for help, donations started pouring in.

The very next day, we had pickup trucks and vans heading up to the Oso and Darrington side to help support the Community Centers and front line workers. Within the next few days, we started distributing the donations to either the Oso and Darrington Community Centers, firehouses, and Coastal Community Bank for families who have lost everything, or straight to the loggers and construction crews working the front line.

We did achieve our goal in getting supplies into that area before anyone else did. We all should be very proud of our accomplishments. It is said that “character is how you treat those who can do nothing for you.” Everyone who donated to this cause in this short of time, is in fact a “First Responder.” And if it wasn’t for people like you, this rescue effort would not have happened.

I, for one, am so very proud of our community, all the volunteers who went above and beyond, my co-workers who stepped up to the task, and AMT for contributing the space and time for this effort. And a special thanks to Ron and Don for helping get the word out.

My thanks are heartfelt thanks to each and everyone. Mere words cannot express my forever gratitude.

Oso Strong, Oso Proud

Sincerely, Ed Russell (just a regular guy).

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