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Don takes time to smell the roses with his son

Ron looks a little uncomfortable holding baby Gunner on his birth date four years ago. (Upshaw family)

Don took a ‘sick’ day on Wednesday because his son was under the weather. Admittedly, his boy probably would’ve been fine without him, but sometimes you just need a day to spend with your kid, especially on his birthday.

Posted on Facebook:

“Four years ago today I had a child out of wedlock. I had a choice to run to my son, or run from him. My dad ran from us when we were young, but my Mother taught us love, commitment, and tenaciousness. She gave me the courage to run to him. My life has forever changed. I still don’t know what I’m doing most days, but thanks to my Mother’s example, the cycle stops with me. I will always be here for you BIG BOY! I LOVE YOU BOTH! – Gunner’s dad.”

Don recently lost his little sister after battling Lyme Disease. She had a great outlook on life we should all practice:

“I used to complain about the dumb things. I used to care about the way I looked way too much. I cared about what others thought of me. I took things more seriously than I should have.

My point it this… what are you caring or complaining about? What’s your “status” on Facebook? From my perspective, I look forward to every errand I will get to run, every late evening doing last minute projects with my kids, every trip to the park, lazy day with my husband, yard work, dates, laundry, dusting, going to work, making dinner, wrestling with my kids and vacuuming…maybe not vacuuming…and I’m on the fence about dusting. And cleaning out the bathtub. Ew.

This situation has changed my perspective and made me a much more thankful person. Can i give you some advice? Don’t waste another moment not enjoying this big, awesome life God has given you! If you’ve got two legs, dance! Don’t waste your thoughts on what other people think of you…chances are they never think about you at all! And when your kids want to play, play! The laundry will always be there and you can rest when you’re old! When you’re feeling overwhelmed, choose to be thankful to God, instead, that you are able to do all you GET to do! -Colleen”

So Don spent Wednesday using his two legs to “dance” with his son… and playing “Don’t Spill the Beans.”

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