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Local group says keep the Oso donations coming

The donations keep pouring in to help with Oso mudslide relief, including these shovels signed by the students at Cascade Middle School in White Center. (Jeff Hagar photo)

The outpouring of generosity by people donating to help Oso mudslide relief has been so overwhelming, some have said they can’t handle any more, and officials have asked people stop donating supplies. But not Jeffrey Hagar and the folks at Helping Hands Ministries.

Hagar opened the organization’s warehouses at its thrift shops in Bothell and Lake Stevens last weekend to help take some the overflow of donations inundating Ed Russell of Arlington. Russell opened a flood gate when he told Ron and Don he was collecting supplies for volunteers working around the clock in the debris field with their own equipment.

Russell finally called uncle after filling several warehouses, so Hagar has taken up the slack.

“Since we were added as a destination drop off we have had other groups such as the National Guard asking for help with certain items,” he says.

There’s still plenty of need. Hagar says they’ve taken close to 8 pallets to their Lake Stevens store as of Wednesday. Much of it was loaded and taken to Arlington this morning. The group from Lake Stevens who is working with the Armory has already received 400 towels from them as well as about 40 boxes of donations for the field.

Here is a list of what they still need for the National Guard as well as the volunteers.

Gallon Zip Lock Bags
“C” & “D” size batteries
Socks (cotton and wool)
Prepackaged Snacks (Trail mix, peanuts, protein bars etc.)
Pillows and Pillow Cases
Hand sanitizer

Antibiotic ointment

You can drop off donations at:

19213 Bothell Everett Hwy SE
Phone (425) 481-6682
Open 10-6 Monday-Saturday

9623 32nd St SE
Lake Stevens
Phone (425) 374-8621
Open 10-6 Monday-Saturday

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