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One step closer to being able to “Bring McKenzie Home”

It was less than one week ago that we put the call out to help bring Mckenzie home, and the response from the Ron and Don Nation has been unbelievable.

After a terrible head-on crash on New Year’s Day, Sara and Doug Harris are still in wheelchairs as they take care of 3-year-old Wyatt and 7-year-old Mckenzie. Mckenzie is in a hospital bed, quadriplegic and reliant on a ventilator to breath.

But, she could go home in just a month or two, if they can get their home ready for her.

Mom, Sara, says they met with their contractor and their architect over the weekend.

“He was just wonderful,” she says. “He gave us a bunch of different options of where we should put McKenzie’s room area, and we decided to put it near our room so we could be altogether.”

Architect Ralph Allen donated his services after hearing about the Harris family on KIRO Radio last week. Sara says his plans for Mckenzie’s room are awesome.

“There’s lots of windows so she can look out onto our property. We’ll get some bird feeders and little squirrel feeders for her to look out at,” says Sara.

McKenzie loves to read, so Allen is planning to put plenty of bookshelves in her room. He has also designed it so that her medical equipment will be behind her bed.

“So her viewing area is just like a normal bedroom for a little girl. Windows to look out, she’ll have her books and all her special stuff,” Sara says. “It’s going to be really nice.”

McKenzie will also have a wheelchair accessible bathroom to use. The bathtub and shower will have a door so she can walk in or be pushed in with her wheelchair.

All of the bath fixtures have been donated, as have so many of the other things they’ll need to complete the addition for Mckenzie.

The next step is to take their plans to the city to see if they can get some expedited permits. That should happen early this week.

“We’re so thankful for the outpouring of support from the community. Everything is just a huge blessing and we’re so thankful,” Sara says.

There are still a few things they need to complete the renovation for Mckenzie, like building insulation and a wheelchair lift. You can find more information here. Please click on the updates link.

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