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Uncool? Recycling driver won’t empty Don’s can but sneaks into Honey Bucket anyway

Don't recycling driver won't empty his can, but didn't hesitate to fill it up. (Photo by Creative Commons Milk, 1/2 a Sugar)

Admittedly, Don O’Neill isn’t the best recycler. And now he’s got a big a big beef with the driver who won’t empty his can, but has no qualms about using Don’s can at the same time.

It’s a battle that’s been brewing for some time. Over the last month, the recycling driver has refused to empty Don’s can because he put some stuff in there that isn’t recyclable. After a few rejections, Don even tried covering up the stuff the driver rejected with some cardboard he got from a neighbor’s can. But the driver saw through it Tuesday.

“He looks inside the can, I can see the head go side to side like ‘nope’ and he rejects my recycle can for the third time.”

Don could have lived with the rejection, if it wasn’t for what happened next.

“He leaves the can, but he still has the gall moments later to pull up in front of my house on the other side, I’m sitting in the driveway, he walks right into my Honey Bucket, he does his thing, and then he walks right out and gets into his truck and takes off down the road.”

Don’s been having some work done at his house, so he’s got an outhouse out front that’s become popular with some neighborhood delivery drivers along with his contractor and crew.

“If you’re a UPS guy, and you’re out there working hard and you gotta go, and I got some room in my Honey Bucket, then go for it. Because it’s going to be $89.89 anyway. But if you’re not going to take my recycling and still going to use my can, man. I mean, come on.”

Clearly the guy didn’t know Don was in his car in the driveway when he made his pit stop. Don debated chasing the guy down, but realized recycle rage probably wasn’t a good idea.

So what’s a guy to do? Don doesn’t want to lock up the Honey Bucket and shut out others in need. But he definitely thinks it’s only fair to trade a can for a can. Guest co-host Luke Burbank has a suggestion: Don should fill the outhouse with the recycled stuff the guy won’t take, so when he opens the door it pours out on him.

What do you think? Does Don have a legitimate gripe?

Listener Justin writes:

It’s your responsibility to follow the city rules for recycling. You shouldn’t blame your driver for following the rules at work. It’s not the driver’s rule, it’s the city’s rule…That being said, if he’s using your Honey Bucket, he could do it once.

Listener Brian writes:

Don – Take a sample of the honey bucket contents and put it in a jar. Ship it to waste management and politely explain to them their driver left it at your house, and that your goal is to get rid of waste not acquire more.

Listener Jack writes:

Concerning the recycle bum, wait for him to enter the honey bucket then place a lock on it.

Listener Lloyd writes:

Don, stop placing that item in the recycling container. There must be a reason it is being rejected. Place it in your waste can. Or wherever it belongs.

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