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Don: Everybody should write a book

KIRO Radio's Don O'Neill says we all should write a book. (Greg Turner/Creative Commons)

Radio vagabond Luke Burbank is filling in for Ron this week while Ron is on jury duty, and talk turned to Luke’s long delayed but oft touted book project.

“I think everybody should write a book,” Don says. “I think everybody has a book in them and even if it’s something you just self publish and you give to your kids one day or you leave it in your will or you give it to your friends or you go out and you sell it online even if it’s not with a big publisher.”

So how do you figure out what you want to write about and how do you do that? Luke got some sage advice from his writer friends.

“You gotta write about what you know because everybody knows about something. Everybody is having an experience and there’s something they know a lot about. So write about that. You don’t have to write another Tom Clancy thriller. Write about whatever is happening in your life. Because everybody has an interesting story to tell.”

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