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After helping so many others, now Don’s family could use your help

Don's sister Colleen passed away last week, leaving three children behind. The Ron and Don Nation is now rallying to help with their college funds. (Photo of Colleen via Don)

Many of you have emailed us asking where Don has been in the last few weeks. There’s no easy way to put it – his little sister passed away on Friday.

If you’re a long time listener to the Ron & Don Show, you know that Don has consistently jumped in to help people from Nicklesville to Japan and many places in between. He has one of the biggest hearts of anyone I’ve ever known.

I went to second grade with Don’s sister Colleen. I have known their family for over 35 years. Don just posted a message about starting a college fund for the three children left behind.

I’m hoping if you’ve ever been inspired or entertained by our show that you would consider giving a few dollars toward this college fund.

Thank You,


From Don:

To my family and friends…Before my little sister passed she gave me permission to start 529 education plans for her three young children.

PLEASE DO NOT FEEL THE NEED TO GIVE MONEY TO THIS FUND. Ron asked me to post this information because friends have been asking for information. These were created yesterday.

You can mail a check to: EDWARD JONES INVESTING/THE CAWTHON KIDS COLLEGE FUND/ 4122 FACTORIA BLVD. BELLEVUE WASHINGTON 98006 They can take bank drafts and credit cards over the phone. Advisor is Lawrence Rude (425) 644 6290. 100 percent of the money belongs to her three kids for their college education. Adults won’t be able to touch it. I am SO grateful for the out pouring of love concerning my sister. I will see you on the radio real soon. HIP HIP! ~ don

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