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Late Bloomer: Becoming a Seahawk Fan at the 11th Hour

Shelli (left to right) and her friends Emma and Roberta (the pusher!) celebrating the Seahawks.

Oh man, what an amazing Seahawks season! I namaste’d out at a really lovely yoga class during the NFC Championship game against San Francisco, I went to my friend’s pie and poetry book release reading while the Seahawks smashed the Cardinals, and I had a really amazing time in Leavenworth, at the Timbrrr Winter Music Festival, while others watched the Hawks beat the Saints. I mean, really great season guys!

But it wasn’t until 5:30 p.m., during the actual Super Bowl, that I actually became a fan of the Seahawks; when Percy Harvin scored a touchdown in the second half. I knew that Percy Harvin had hip surgery and that he might not be able to play, so I couldn’t believe that he was able to run that fast! For me, becoming a fan at the 11th hour was all about thinking of the players as people. The athleticism wasn’t going to lure me in, the Xs and Os definitely were not. But when you actually care about someone you can become interested.

I may be the most recent Seahawk fan, but Seattle’s Shelli Gonshorowski isn’t too far behind. She only became a fan five games ago. Shelli did not choose to be a fan, she was bullied into it.

“My friend Roberta, who is a lifelong Seahawk fan from the third grade, she basically gave me an ultimatum and said, ‘If you do not start cheering for this team then we are not friends.'”

So Shelli went all in, with Roberta’s game day house rules.

“There is the flapping of the wings whenever we get the ball. Everyone in the room has to flap their wings. You can’t wear any other color besides the colors of the Seahawks. And you have to be fully present. If you are not then you’re banned, you’re out. She has very strict rules.”

Shelli decided, if she was going to be a fan, she was going to play the part. At least as far as accessories are concerned.

“I just bought the pom-poms, I bought the stickers and the beads. I didn’t buy the face makeup, that’s for next year. I’m going to stay on the bandwagon.”

The Seahawks have gathered up a whole bunch of new fans this year, because who doesn’t like a winner? But some die hards have criticized the newbies and those they call ‘fair weather fans.’

“I think the true fans appreciate anybody who comes in and helps to support. I think if you have the chip on your shoulder there’s deeper meaning there and you can just walk away.”

As for me, I don’t think the Super Bowl turned me into a Super Fan, but it was definitely fun while it lasted.

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