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Heartwarming video alert: Watch a son surprise his mom with Super Bowl tickets

The reaction is priceless as Mike Harris surprises his mom with Super Bowl tickets. (YouTube screen grab)

When the Seahawks knocked off the Miami Dolphins in the 1983 playoffs, Mike Harris’ mom, Vicki, wanted to be at Boeing Field to welcome the Hawks home. But she was pregnant with Mike and her husband wouldn’t let her go.

She’s remained a hardcore Seahawks fan and season ticket holder in the years since, and really wanted to go to the 2006 Super Bowl. But Mike says they just couldn’t afford it.

When the Seahawks clinched the NFC Championship two weeks ago, visions of attending the Super Bowl again danced in Vicki’s head. But he says after looking at it, it was just too expensive – especially since he and his sister are both getting married this year.

All that changed when Mike saw an article about falling prices on the secondary market. He checked it out and crunched the numbers for tickets, air fare and hotel and decided it was doable.

He pulled the trigger on the tickets, but his mom had no idea. Little did she know what the FedEx guy had in store when he delivered an envelope the other day while she was visiting. The reaction is priceless as Mike opens the envelope and hands it to her, telling her she’s going to the Super Bowl.

“Thirty years after she skipped their welcome home for my sake, I was able to return the favor in the biggest way I could ever think of. I’m excited to go see the game, but there was nothing more meaningful than to see my mom’s reaction that I’ve shared in the video,” he writes in the video description.

So Mike, his mom and his best friend since Kindergarten will be heading off to New Jersey Saturday and watching their beloved Seahawks from the 10th row in the endzone. Now that’s a good son.

Vicki plans to wear her Marshawn Lynch jersey. Mike will sport #3.

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