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Ron would rather watch the Seahawks at home

Ron and Don disagree about whether it's better to watch the game in the stadium or on TV. (AP image)

Some people would do just about anything to score a ticket to Sunday’s showdown between the Seahawks and 49ers at CenturyLink Field. Demand is so high, only a seat at the Super Bowl will cost fans more. But KIRO Radio’s Ron Upshaw doesn’t mind watching the game from the comfort of his own couch.

“Last week I couldn’t have been more happy to be watching the game on a really nice HDTV with a couple of friends. And we still yelled and screamed when we scored and we had a great time watching the game,” Ron says.

Seeing the sideways rain and 35 mph winds pummeling the stadium were admittedly a factor. But after attending countless football games over the years and enjoying the atmosphere, he argues it’s preferable to watch the game on TV.

“I always feel disconnected, even when we went to the Saints game. I’m there, I’ve got my binoculars that Don made fun of. I can’t see all the angles. The best seats I’ve ever had there I still feel like I can’t figure out everything that’s going on,” he says.

But Don couldn’t disagree more. While TV might offer instant replay and multiple angles, he says there’s nothing like the experience of being part of the 12th Man.

“When you’re in that stadium and you’re in your seat and you’re going for it, in some way you feel like you’re out on the field with those guys and you’re putting it all out there,” Don says.

For Don, actually impacting the game plays a big part in the fun. There’s nothing like watching the opposing team fall apart as Seahawks fans scream their lungs out.

“You feel like you’re good for somewhere between three and seven points. You feel like you’re good for two or three false starts. You feel like you’re good for a couple of picks.
You know those players are really depending on you when you go to the game.”

Of course, not everyone can afford to go to the game, especially with tickets going for an average of over $700 for Sunday’s game, which is another reason Ron will be watching again at home. “It’s not cheap,” he points out.

But you can go to the game on us. Listen to the Ron and Don Show Wednesday, Thursday and Friday as we give away a pair of tickets each day during the Top 5 at 5.

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