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A thank you from Japan

We got this email today from Gemini Sanford, the former Everett resident who got us involved in Operation Airlift Japan. First, the Ron and Don Nation sent toys and other badly needed supplies to the kids of an orphanage in Misawa, Japan after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. Now, you’ve come together again to help send Christmas presents to the kids at Bikou-En Orphanage.


I just wanted to take a few minutes to tell you both how grateful I am. My husband has been in the Navy over 20 years, and like a lot of military folk, we have travelled all around the world. We have met some amazing people on our journey, but we have also met some not so amazing people. They always seemed to balance each other out, until we crossed paths with you both, and your listeners. Having the opportunity, through your show, to come into contact with so many loving, caring, and generous people has forever skewed my vision of balance in the world. I now know that the good far, far outnumber the bad, and even the indifferent. To see first hand how openly and willingly people have volunteered to help 70 some odd kids they have never met, and probably never will meet, has left me forever humbled by the grace and giving spirit of the good people of the Ron and Don Nation.

Our family has made many sacrifices so my husband can serve the country he loves, he has done long tours in Iraq, Afghanistan, the Horn of Africa and Bahrain, among others, he missed countless birthdays, anniversaries and holidays. We live far from our families, and move every few years. We have nothing fancy, and after twenty years, we are just glad to be above the poverty line. But, we are so very, very blessed. Seeing the resiliency and triumph of the human spirit in this country, witnessing the joy on those 70 odd kids faces during the holidays, has been priceless.

Thank you, Ron and Don, and all your listeners, thank you from the bottom of our hearts, for all you have done, and continue to do.

Gemini Sanford

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