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Send Christmas to the kids of Operation Airlift Japan

It has been two years and eight months since a 9.0 magnitude earthquake and massive tsunami hit Japan, which means over two years since The Ron and Don Show launched Operation Airlift Japan. In March of 2011, we got a call from a military wife named Gemini Sanford, a former Everett resident who is stationed in Misawa Japan, who told us the orphanage they support was desperate of supplies.

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We put the call out for donations and the Ron and Don Nation delivered. We collected over 40 tons of toys, food, clothing, blankets and supplies for the Bikou-En Orphanage, and several months later, Ron and Rachel went to Japan to meet the kids.

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Almost three years later, the American families stationed at the Misawa Naval Air Base still help the kids at Bikou-En, and they could use your help ensuring each boy and girl receives a Christmas present this year.

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We have a list of 76 boys and girls, ages 2 through 18, who have sent a ‘wish list’ of two presents they would love to open on Christmas day. Some examples: Miki Ogura is nine-years-old. She asked for an iron-on hot bead set and a CD player; Two-year-old Satsuki Minagawa is hoping for a stuffed dog and a costume dress; Yamato Kouda is 12. He requested sunglasses and a basketball wristband; Daiki Komata is a 16-year-old boy who would like UnderArmor and a CD player.

If you would like to buy a present for one of the 76 Orphans at Bikou-En, you can follow these steps:

1. E-mail us at saying how many children you want to purchase gifts for. Please include your name and phone number, and if you want, a short note about why you are helping out.

2. Rachel Belle will assign you a Bikou-En kid and give you their name, age, and two options for presents they asked for this year.

3. Go out and buy a present! Send the *new* wrapped gifts (with a tag including the child’s name) to C/O Gemini Sanford PSC 76 box 2575 APO AP 96319

4. OPTIONAL: E-mail us a photo of yourself sending the gift. We will trade photos with the orphanage when the kids are ready to unwrap their presents.

***NOTE: If you do not want to purchase a present for the child Rachel assigns to you, let us know and we will keep looking for a match for that child. Please try to honor one of the requests and do not go ‘off script’ with a substitute gift.

Thank you once again for getting involved to help us show the children of Bikou-En that they are not forgotten by their friends in America!

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