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Not everyone pulls over to help

Would you pull over to help a stranded driver? Not everyone does ... or would. (WSDOT Flickr)

Originally, Don thought the story of mayor-elect Ed Murray stopping to help a fallen bicyclist in Seattle on Wednesday morning wasn’t a big deal, but maybe he was wrong.

It turns out, not everyone would stop, hence the coverage for future mayor Murray.

The Seattle Times reports Murray and his security crew got out of the car, helped the bicyclist clean up, asked her some questions, and stayed with her until help came.

“I always stop, it looks like the mayor-elect stops, but Ron told us that he no longer stops,” said Don.

But Ron said he tried to help a stranded driver who wasn’t interested in his charity.

“I stopped for this lady on Highway 18 and she sort of treated me like I was trying to abduct her … She treated me horribly, so since that time, I’m like you know what, unless you’re an old lady or flagging someone down, I’m going to let you change your own tire.”

Seattle Fire arrived to check out the bicyclist, who was wearing a helmet, but she was not hospitalized.

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