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Ron and Don campaign for the return of the Crusader for Common Sense

Dave Ross is the Crusader for Common Sense. And Ron and Don are leading the charge to bring the super hero back. (Gilbert and Sullivan Society photo)

For years, the citizens of Seattle (and anywhere the KIRO Radio signal could be reached) were protected by a superhero of superior intellect – if not stature.

In an era of pure play partisanship, a lone voice of reason brought drive-by wisdom to the masses, one listener at a time. He was the Crusader for Common Sense, otherwise known as our own Dave Ross.

“I always liked to look at the facts, come to a conclusion, and come up with a solution,” Dave says.

But the superhero was silenced by an evil villain – a radio consultant who convinced the then program director that listeners found his daily introduction repetitive and potentially annoying. So the Crusader for Common Sense was done away with and Dave was told he had to just go straight to whatever topic he was talking about.

As Don O’Neill points out, the program director isn’t around anymore, but the clamor for the Crusader continues.

Several weeks ago, a listener wrote in asking about the Crusader and seeking the resurrection of Dave Ross’s alter ego.

Since mentioning it, dozens of listeners have written in, calling for a Crusader comeback.

Ron and Don have jumped on the bandwagon, launching a new campaign to restore Dave to his rightful place of honor as our intellectual overlord.

So that’s where you come in. We ask you, good people: Should KIRO Radio bring back the Crusader for Common Sense?

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