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‘Champion’ DVD at Seahawks game was misleading

Taken from Wednesday’s edition of The Ron and Don Show.

Ron reacts to the the DVDs distributed to 30,000 Seahawks fans after Sunday’s game. “The Making of a Champion,” led by long-snapper Clint Gresham, features players and coaches detailing their Christian faith, all with endorsement of the team:

“There are two things that bother me, and they’re very specific. Number one, you pitched me about a football related DVD that’s not about football. It’s actually about religion.

Whenever I get bait and switched or when someone has an ulterior motive when they want me to be a part of something, that really bothers me.

The other thing is because it’s a publicly funded stadium, $300 million worth, I do have a problem with someone spouting one specific brand of religion on the field … and then using the game of football to then hand out your DVD.

What they should have done is set up a booth that says ‘How Russell Wilson found God’ and here’s a free DVD. And if someone wants to walk over there, down in Pioneer Square, good for them.

But to give a DVD and say here’s a DVD about Russell Wilson being a champion – it’s not about Russell Wilson being a champion. It’s about Russell Wilson’s relationship with God.

The way the video plays out, and I watched all 15 minutes … it seems like the narrative is if you really want to be a true champion, you need to follow this religion and I don’t agree with that message either. It works for them, but to insinuate that that’s the way you need to do it, I think is disingenuous.

The documentary that I would actually watch is Russell Wilson, a quarterback and a person of faith. I would be interested in watching that documentary.”

Taken from Wednesday’s edition of The Ron and Don Show.

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