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Punk Rock Aerobics Wants To Help All Misfits Get In shape


I once stopped going to a yoga class because the instructor insisted on playing “Why” by Annie Lennox while we downward dogged.
So I completely understand why Seattle Girl Scouts of America employee Wendy Colton avoids aerobics classes because of the loud, techno party music that tends to come with it.

Wendy is a 47 year old punk rocker and metal head.

“I love Rancid and the Ramones, Sex Pistols, The Clash. My true love is heavy metal.”

So she started Seattle’s first Punk Rock Aerobics class.

“Punk Rock Aerobics started in Boston. Two gals were disenchanted with the group fitness opportunities and said they wanted to create their own thing.”

So armed with their blessing, and in connection with Seattle Parks and Recreation, Wendy is holding Punk Rock Aerobics classes every Tuesday evening at 6:45pm the Alki Bath House.

“We are non-corporate, non-gym, non-traditional and non-auto-tuned!”

Dressed in a Corrosion of Conformity T-shirt and Misfits socks, Wendy cheerfully leads her class, welcoming people of all ages, including a few energetic kids who tagged along with their moms. She also encourages people of all shapes and sizes to come along.

“One of my motivations is that I lost 146 pounds and I hope to inspire other people that you don’t have to look like the old school, ’80’s aerobasizer. That you can show up and have jiggling parts and a weird hair cut and glasses and a funky ripped shirt and still feel like you fit in. That you’re not being judged. We’re a no BS zone.”

This week was the first class for Rachel Gowin.

“I listen to a lot of punk rock, so there’s that. I hate going to gyms and working out in gyms. It needs to be fun or I won’t do it.”

Wendy wants to encourage people to find a workout that they love, that keeps them motivated. Whether it’s a mosh pit or a hiking trail.

“Every pound I sweated off I was listening to heavy metal,” Wendy says. “Punk rock and heavy metal definitely inspired me and are going to keep inspiring me to maintain this and continue on my journey of health and wellness.”

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