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Help out: Nickelsville is on the move

Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn says he'll close the Nickelsville homeless encampment by Sept. 1 after a majority of Seattle City Councilmembers sent a letter calling for its closure. (AP file)

Nickelsville is on the move this weekend following demands from a majority of Seattle City Councilmembers.

The encampment must move out by Sunday Sept. 1 after seven of the nine members sent a letter to Mayor Mike McGinn asking him to close Nickelsville, The Seattle Times first reported.

Organizers have secured three new locations for residents; one is located in the Central District, at 20th and Jackson.

Peggy Hotes, liason for the homeless encampment, says they’re looking for help with the move on Sunday, Sept. 1. The need items like: trucks or vans, 33 gallon trash bags, duct tape, twine, tools, nails, food and water, and volunteer labor to help pack the trucks.

These items can be delivered to the current Nickelsville location at 7116 West Marginal Way SW in Seattle.

Hotes added they also need help paying their utility bills.

She said the city has provided containers to pack up food supplies. Nickelsville residents will also take cinder blocks the city provided to help rid the encampment of rats.

“There are many people there who are looking for jobs, or they have a little job, or they work minimum wage,” said Hotes. “They really do deserve our support.”

Hotes said they’ve moved 17 times and this is the longest time they’ve been in one location.

You can help fund the move via Nickelsville’s PayPal account. Go to for more information.

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