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Four Dudes Seeking Three Chicks For Seafair Boat Fun


It is Seafair weekend, which for some means taking their kids to hydroplane races, and for others means a rowdy, booze soaked party out on the water. If you’re a lady with a tan and a bikini but no boat to booze on, rest assured, Auntie Rachel is here to solve your problems.

Four Seattle guys put up a Craigslist ad seeking three ladies to party with on Saturday.

“Suns out, buns out! Who wants to *bleeping* party!”

These 24 year old dudes, who wish to remain anonymous…

“We’re a group of four guys, all above average height, except for one…”

Are tired of sailing the Seafair seas without any lady company.

“Turns out that when you get out there, you get completely ridiculed for essentially having a sausagefest. So this year we decided to mix things up a little bit and take to Craigslist.”

They might even argue that they need a few good gals on their boat, since their boat full of boys wasn’t particularly welcome out on the log boom.

“[You] get out there and no one wants to tie up with us because it’s just a bunch of dudes. A bunch of other dudes don’t want to hang out with a bunch of other dudes. They want to hang out with some chicks. So this year we cut it off at four [dudes] and set out to the streets to see what we can do.”

Here’s what they’re looking for:

“We’re looking for a group of three ladies who are easy going, fun and ready to get rowdy. If you’re interested in joining us on our 240 inch yacht, on Saturday, August 3rd, then kindly respond with a photo. No filter. A short description of you and your friends and why we should choose you to join the party.”

They said they received instant response, some promising and some not quite what they’re looking for.

“There’s been a few cougars but, you know, that’s not really our style. Unless it is. You never know. It just really depends. I feel like some of the pictures we’ve gotten aren’t necessarily who they say they are. Nobody that good looking is going on Craigslist searching for a boat.”

Now, I know the whole thing sounds sort of bro-ish, but the guys say it’s not just a beauty contest.

“The thing is, we don’t necessarily care about pretty. We just want some girls who are really fun, and want to go out there and just party, have a good time, easy to hang out with, and can take it for a full day.”

The guys, who have been doing the Seafair party thing since their junior years in high school, promise it will be an amazing time.

“It’s Mardi Gras on water. There’s beads, there’s breasts, there’s booze, there’s beers, there’s boats and there are barbecues. It’s the B’s of summer!”

They are still accepting submissions, so click here to respond to the ad.

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